Zawiyah Tent


Go inside


Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all

  • You are feeling full of the world and empty in your soul
  • You are simply feeling the pull, the longing, the need to reconnect with your Beloved
  • You are feeling parched, and the need to drink from the True Source


Sometimes, you know that you are being called to drop everything and just go 

  • To disappear for three days with the moon
  • To go into silence
  • To call His name from the depth of your being
  • To retreat in a corner with your Beloved





Sometimes, just to be alone is not enough

  • You need containment
  • You need daily check-ins to remind you of what you are longing for
  • You need to be walked…into a new place within your being
  • You need some guidance


Sometimes, you just need to remember 

  • That soft, true place in your heart
  • The Love that beckons to you
  • Your Beloved



And nothing else...


What is a Zawiyah

Zawiyah literally means “corner”. It is to be in a corner with Allah, with your God. It is to retreat from all the callings of the outer entrapments to the inner sanctity of your being.

This particular zawiyah, this home, this garden, this special place, was given “direct” from Allah in 1981 in answer to a prayer. In 2005 Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal al Rawi walked through these doors and prayed: “Oh Allah, bless this house; bless the people of this house; bless all those who come to this house.”



Sidi loved to walk in the garden and did so every day he was here, often picking the figs and the pomelos (citron) and talking about the healing properties of each of the plants.


Sidi stayed here several times over the years and he said many times, “Hakima, this is the zawiyah.” And I thought, yes. Yes, it was where people came to do dhikr, to pray together, for healing clinics, to share suhur and iftars together, to support one another, and to encourage one another in perseverance and patience.



Only now do I realize what he was seeing for the future, what seeds he was sewing with those words.


Many people have stayed here; many people learned about Sufism here - how to do salat, to do al-wird and the daily Shadhuli exercises known as “the watering hole” or where one’s inner thirst can be quenched.


And now, finally, this house takes on the traditional form of zawiyah where people can come and stay and be in a corner with Allah for short or extended periods of time.