Retreat Schedule

The following is a typical format for a retreat, but this is totally customizable according to the individual needs.

Rise for fajr prayer
Fajr is followed with 500 recitations of Allah
Ramadan Readings book – Al-wadhifa, Ya Seen and Qualities minimum

8:00 al-wird with 500 Allahs
8:45 Check-in with Hakima regarding your walking and spiritual assignments for the day
9:15 – Breakfast and clean-up– followed by 1 hour of service or a walk outdoors

11:00 – individual assigned practices – remembrance, writing from Sidi’s books (assigned)
Dhur – at actual time followed with 500 Allahs or 40 Surat-al Iklas
12:30 – 1:30 – Lunch and clean-up
1:30 – 2:20 – Remembrance with free time or rest
2:30 – 4:30 – 1 hour of service and then assigned practices
4:30 ish – 6:00 – Asr prayer, Al-wird and other recitations followed by

6:00 Dinner and clean-up
7:00ish – Maghrib followed by practices and assigned reading until
8:30 ish Isha – 500 Allahs

3-5 am – It is advised to “rise in the watches of the night” or “to keep vigil in the night” during the hours preceding fajr. This is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

Prayer times vary quite a bit throughout the year, of course, and with the time changes, so this schedule is approximate.


Reading and Writing

Students in this Shadhuli Tariqa are asked not only to read the Sufi books, but also to write them out in a notebook. This allows the transmission from the Shaykh to ground within your being.

Writings will be from Music of the Soul unless you are in the middle of another book. The first order of business in terms of writing is the writing of the Stations of the Way, the 28 Stations of the Heart, if you have not done that already. Chapters will be assigned.


Time can be used while you are here to learn some things you do not know such as the salat (prayers) and after-prayer practices, small surahs from Juz Amma (including the 3 Quls and the Fatihah), Ya Seen, al-Wadhifa, Hisb-ul-Bahr, Keys of the Kingdom amongst others, or to memorize the 100 names or qualities of Allah.

In some cases, silence may be recommended for part or the duration of your stay.




Preparing for Your Retreat – Setting Your Intention

It is important to spend some time deciding your intention before you come and communicating that to Hakima. This may be:

– Connecting more deeply with Allah
– Drinking from the water of the Truth
– Establishing the habit of the practices
– Establishing the habit or experience of night vigils
– Bringing an issue to Allah
– Reflection at a time of crossroads